Your finished prototype starts here.
To simplify your prototyping cycle, we've simplified the process.

nuPROTO LLC is a rapid prototyping company that specializes in converting ideas into actual products. Using the latest technology in 3d visualization and 3d printing we can make your idea into a product that you can use to present to investors or use in crowdsourcing. We are have made nuPROTO into a one-Stop-Shop and we can help you with visual aids, prototypes, websites and graphic design.

Small scale, big value

Whether your end goal is commercial production or personal recreation, we provide a great opportunity for small businesses and individuals seeking open access to prototype development. Our small scale guarantees a close collaborative experience, and our streamlined workflow guarantees your best bang for buck.
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Spend your time wisely

Developing a rapid prototype can be a lengthy procedure, often prolonged by involving different specialists at each step. Within a quick time frame, we commit to providing you the best quality materials and service required for a successful prototype phase by eliminating the extra hassle and working together.
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Services tailored to suit your needs

Whether your design is in its infancy or final step, we offer the creative support you need at a competitive cost. Our prices are flexible enough to meet your needs, providing both individual and package rates.
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We let our work speak for us

Our physical prototypes are made using the latest advances in 3D printing technology, producing quick and accurate proofs of concept. We are willing to support any product design, and are especially suited for anything hand held in size.
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"..nuPROTO has created the iThrone, a dock perfect for HBO's Game of Thrones fans."
-Jill Pantozzi,

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