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nuPROTO LLC is a product designing company for the digital age. Based in Orlando Fl, we challenge the traditional paradigm of product development by providing a more cost effective, and less time consuming development cycle. Our goal is to produce a one stop shop to aid companies, inventors, and hobbyists alike throughout the lifespan of their product by exploiting our experience with the latest advances in technology.

Traditionally, it is extremely expensive to acquire 2D sketches, CAD models, produce a functional prototype, and go through the hassle of angel investors or venture capitalists, usually resulting in the designer giving up major profits or control of their product.
However, using our skills in 3D and experience with product development, we can supply our clients with interactive concepts, 3D-printed prototypes, and can help cut out the middle men altogether with online crowdsourcing, as well as give the option of assistance with online presence and e-stores.


Fernando Sosa is a true entrepreneur at heart, who decided after more than ten years in the multimedia industry to start a company to help fellow product designers like himself. His professional experience in advertising, gaming and simulation media, and freelance web design has allowed him to create an advanced network of contacts perfectly suited to facilitate nuPROTO prototyping services.
Mike Bauerlein has a unique background tying computer science and engineering with digital art. Holding a master’s degree in interactive entertainment, he has spent the last several years providing his skillset to industries lagging behind the technological revolution. As a cofounder to nuPROTO, he continues to bring 3D services to an innovative market.

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